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Established in 2008, Indonesia, PT. Yerry Primatama Hosindo (YPH) provides products and engineering services for Fluid Transfer, Corrosion & Wear Protection, and Lubrication & Filtration Systems designed for durability in tough applications and rigorous conditions.

YPH Fluid Power division (2008) has progressed to become one of Indonesia's leading product as well as service provider for Hydraulic and Industrial Hoses, Fittings and Connections, Hose Crimper Machines, Torque Wrenches, Fire Suppression System, Customized End Fittings & Assembly Finishes.

Striving to be at the forefront of Indonesia's corrosion and wear control specialists, YPH Surface Protection division (2009) is an ISO certified applicator for protective industrial linings and coatings. We increase the lifetime of pipelines, process vessels and storage tanks in industrial plants by using a variety of protective materials such as Rubber, Glass Flake, Alumina Ceramic Tile, FRP and many more.

Through continuous innovations, strong partnerships with international brands and skilled human resources, YPH Engineering division (2011) aims to be the best contractor for lubrication, filtration and hydrocarbon management systems for mining and heavy industries applications in Indonesia and the global market.

In alignment with the corporate vision to be a market leader, PT. Yerry Primatama Hosindo is committed to provide the highest quality work with professional expertise, competitive pricing and customer-centric solutions that have resulted in the company forming strong liaisons with clients and partners world-wide.

PT. Yerry Primatama Hosindo is proud to be a privately-owned Indonesian company, with headquarters in Bogor and Tangerang, and branches in East Java and South Kalimantan.


Company Name PT Yerry Primatama Hosindo
Date of Establishment 2nd April 2008
Headquarters Tangerang, Indonesia
Employees 150 (as of September 2015)
Lines of Business Hoses & Fittings, Corrosion and Wear Protection, Lubrication and Filtration Systems
Our Expertise Mining, Power Plants & Utilities, Chemical Industries, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Cement, General Industries
  • Yerry Primatama Hosindo- Fluid Power Div.


    Jl. Raya Perancis
    Komplek Pergudangan 8 Blok NN
    Benda Dadap Kosambi Tangerang 15125

    P. +62 21 5591 5566
    F. +62 21 5591 0123

    Jl. Ikan Belanak No. 2D. Perak Barat
    Surabaya- 60178

    P. +62 31 3556823
    F. +62 31 3556823


  • Yerry Primatama Hosindo- Surface Protection Div.


    JL. Raya Serpong KM.99
    Bizhub Office Park Blok GN No. 7-8
    Gunung Sindur 16340

    P. +62 21 29 666 666
    F. +62 21 29 666 619

    Perum. BP Kulon
    Jl. Ikan Belanak 1 No.4
    Sidokumpul, Gresik 61111

    P. +62 31 39 922 683

  • Yerry Primatama Hosindo- Engineering Div.


    JL. Raya Serpong KM.99
    Bizhub Office Park Blok GN No. 9-10
    Gunung Sindur 16340

    P. +62 21 29 6666 51
    F. +62 21 29 6666 52

    Jl. Ikan Belanak No. 2C. Perak Barat
    Surabaya- 60178

    P. +62 31 3564 637
    F. +62 31 3561 830